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NWIC TV Quickstart Guide

Thank you for registering a new NWIC TV subscription!

Before you can enjoy streaming, there are a couple quick steps to complete.



Step One – Ensure you have the right streaming device

NWIC TV is app-based. This means you can install on your existing supported media streaming device.

We currently support the following devices:

  • Apple TV

    Apple TV

    Current generation hardware (i.e. one that can download apps).

  • Amazon Fire

    Amazon Fire Cube/Stick

    For best performance use 2019+ Amazon Fire Stick and Cube devices.


Step Two – Download the NWIC TV App

After you have confirmed you have a supported device, please visit the appropriate App Store to download NWIC TV.

The easiest way to find NWIC TV is to open the ‘SEARCH‘ and type: NWIC

For reference, please see the links below. Once you have downloaded and installed the App, please proceed to the next step.



Step Three – Activate your device

Once the App has finished installing, please open it up.

You should see a screen like the one below:


If you have a QR Code scanner on your phone, please scan the code on your television screen. This will automatically open the activation page

If you do not have a way to scan QR codes, or would prefer to manually input URL, please visit: (this can be done on a tablet, laptop, etc. as well as a smart phone).

IMPORTANT: The code that appears on your screen is unique for each activation (this example shows NWIC-123).



Step Four – Input your account number and activation code

Now that you have opened the activation page, it’s time to input your account number and street name. Once this information is entered, select continue.
Next, please enter the unique 7-digit code that is displayed on your TV and name your device (I.E Living room, basement, etc.).

You can authorize up to five devices on your account*.

Activate Device

NOTE: If you’re uncertain of what your account number is, the easiest way to find it is to open your latest invoice email from NWIC. Your account number will appear in both the message body and at the top right of your PDF invoice.

*NWIC TV will only work on the NWIC high-speed network. Each device does require internet bandwidth to work, so if you plan on using several devices simultaneously you may need to upgrade to a faster plan.



Step Five – Enjoy!

Sit back and enjoy your new NWIC TV streaming service!

If you need assistance, please contact our support team by filling out an inquiry form:


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