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Experience LIVE television with your NWIC internet connection.

NEW for 2022! Built exclusively for the NWIC high-speed network.

  • TV Service

    Streaming Device Ready

    No need to add another set top box. NWIC TV is App-based and built for the streaming devices you already own (eg. Apple TV, Amazon Fire, etc.).

  • Affordable Pricing

    Affordable Pricing

    Cut the costs on your existing satellite or cable TV service. Our focus is bringing affordable LIVE TV to everyone with no-nonsense pricing.

  • Design in-House

    Always Improving

    The NWIC TV App was designed and developed in-house. This means we can add new features and improve usability in real-time.



‘The Essentials’ Plan Now Available

We’re in the process of accessing premium content such as sports, movies, and more. At launch we currently have your favourite networks and a collection of radio stations bundled in the App.

  • TV Channels (Local & Major Networks)
  • Select Radio Stations
  • ‘Favourites’ pre-set menu
  • Support for current generation* Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick/Cube devices
  • Support for up to 5-devices per household


Requires an active NWIC Internet connection**

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NWIC TV Channels

NWIC TV Supported Devices

The following streaming devices support the NWIC TV App – more in development.

  • Apple TV

    Apple TV

    Current generation hardware (i.e. one that can download apps).

  • Amazon Fire

    Amazon Fire Cube/Stick

    For best performance use 2019+ Amazon Fire Stick and Cube devices.

  • Google Chromecast w/TV

    Chromecast w/Google TV

    All current generation models (original Chromecast not supported).COMING SOON

  • Android TV

    Android TV

    Most devices supported – older devices may not perform well.COMING SOON


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Inquire below, or call us directly at 1 (877) 654-6942 to sign up.
An active NWIC internet connection is required.


*NWIC TV requires current/new generation streaming devices. Apple TV devices must be able to download apps. Amazon Fire devices must be 2019+.

**NWIC TV requires an active internet connection. Entry-level internet plans may not support simultaneous streaming on multiple devices.

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