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Long-Haul Microwave

Long-haul microwave solutions unlock seamless connectivity across vast distances, with speeds that rival fibre internet. Our advanced technology and expertise in long-distance data transmission make us the ideal choice for businesses expanding across multiple locations and rural communities in need of reliable internet access.

Long-haul microwave technology utilizes radio waves to transmit data over extensive distances, (up to 70kms) eliminating the need for laying expensive physical infrastructure like fibre optic cables. This allows us to rapidly deploy our services and provide high-speed connectivity to even the most remote locations. With our long-haul microwave solutions, you can enjoy unrivaled reach, connecting branches of your organization or bringing reliable internet access to rural communities that were previously underserved.

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Long Haul Microwave

Short Haul Microwave

Short-Haul Microwave

With our expertise and experience in delivering high-speed internet connections, NWIC brings you the future of connectivity. Our short-haul microwave technology utilizes radio waves to transmit data over short distances, providing lightning-fast speeds (up to 20Gbps) and reliable performance. Say goodbye to slow internet connections and embrace the power of microwave technology for a seamless online experience.

Our robust long-haul microwave infrastructure ensures resilient connectivity with advanced failover mechanisms for uninterrupted service and minimal downtime. You can also scale your connectivity as your business expands or your needs evolve, with our flexible plans that adapt to your growing requirements all maintained in the comfort of a private and secure network extension of your LAN.

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