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Build your Niagara-based business with Internet from NWIC.

Have peace of mind knowing your business is supported by a team that cares as much as you do.

  • Fast

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    Keep your business running smoothly with fast, reliable internet.

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    Local Support

    Our Niagara-based technical support team is ready to help.

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    No Contracts

    We hope you’ll stay with us forever, but we will never lock you in.

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    That's right! Upload and Download as much as you need with no overages.




Looking for More Power?

If you’re working from home and require faster connections or lower latency, our THINK BIG solutions may be what you’re looking for.

NOTE: This offering uses different technology than our standard NWIC for Work packages. Visit the THINK BIG page to learn more.

NWIC Van Local

Local businesses working together!

NWIC is proud to be 100% owned and operated in your community.

Since we started the company back in 2011, our mandate was to create a sustainable business that could thrive and grow in Niagara. With your support we’ve taken on the competition and proved that a great product matched with exceptional customer service can do just that.

Our commitment to Niagara continues and with your support we’re helping to create new jobs in your community and supporting great local causes.

We’re thrilled to have you as part of the family!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

What kind of latency does Rural Wireless Internet for Work have?

While latency can fluctuate, Rural Wireless customers typically experience 60-90ms in latency.

To learn more, we’ve created an informative article outlining what latency is and how we stack up against other technologies.

View The Article »

What else is included with NWIC for Work?

Wireless Packages – These packages come with a higher service level offering, meaning support is escalated with faster turn-around. With these packages you can also add a static IP address.

Monitored Connectivity – We monitor your connection and will alert you in the event of failure for quick remediation.

Standby Radio included in Elite Plans – We install a 2nd radio which is standby ready in the event of hardware failure or acts of god.

Billing – Direct to business billing is only available on NWIC for Work or Enterprise packages.

Are faster upload or download speeds available?


Please visit our ‘Think BIG’ Enterprise solutions to learn more about our ‘Dedicated’ or ‘Think Big’ packages.

Does NWIC provide I.T. support to help with our internal network?

NWIC does not provide I.T. support directly, however we can help with a referral.

Please contact us today to learn more.

How fast can NWIC activate a new service?

Wireless Customers – once a successful site survey has been performed, activation typically happens between 1-3 business days.

Why should I go with NWIC over the 'Other Guys'?

NWIC is part of your community.

We’re 100% owned and operated in Niagara. We believe that local matters and hope you do as well.

By choosing NWIC, you’re supporting local business and helping to generate more jobs in your community.

At NWIC we’re committed to staying in and supporting Niagara. To learn more, please visit our NWIC Cares page.

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