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Surf, watch & play no matter where you live in Niagara

If you’ve been struggling with slow speeds or lousy service, NWIC will be a breath of fresh air.

  • Fast

    Consistently Fast

    Experience consistent speeds & reliable internet with NWIC.

  • Technical Support

    Local Support

    Our local, Niagara-based, & friendly support team is here to help.

  • No Contracts

    No Contracts

    We hope you'll stay with us forever, but we will never lock you in.

  • Unlimited Data

    Unlimited Usage

    That's right! No limits on any of our packages. Stream on!



*Modem Required. Rental option for $5/m, or one-time purchase of $150. Modem DOES NOT includes built-in Wifi Router.
Setup Costs: $25 Activation Fee.
$100 deposit for modem activation (applied to first invoice)
Rental Wi-Fi Eero Mesh system available (1 pod $7.95/mo, 2 pods $12.95/mo, 3 pods $16.95/mo)


NEW! Experience LIVE television with your NWIC internet connection.

We’re excited to announce the release of our brand-new solution, NWIC TV.

  • TV Channels (Local & Major Networks)
  • Select Radio Stations
  • ‘Favourites’ pre-set menu
  • Support for current generation Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick/Cube devices
  • Support for up to 5-devices per household

Visit the NWIC TV page for more information.

‘NWIC TV Light’ plan now available – $24.95/m


Frequently Asked Questions

Browse answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

What kind of latency does NWIC Cable Internet have?

While latency can fluctuate, Cable internet customers typically experience 15-21ms in latency.

To learn more, we’ve created an informative article outlining what latency is and how we stack up against other technologies.

View The Article »

What services are available in my area?

Service availability is dependant on your individual location.

If you’re currently in an area that can receive cable services from other providers, we can likely provide you with Cable high-speed internet. Visit our Get Started page to inquire today.

Our rural wireless service is available across Niagara in areas that cannot receive cable service. Availability is dependant on your proximity to our towers. Contact us today to schedule a FREE site survey to establish service availability.

Does NWIC throttle speeds on services like Netflix?


Unlike some of our competitors, NWIC does not throttle internet speeds to any service.

We believe in an open web. If you can get it online, you can get it with NWIC!

How do I transfer my existing service to NWIC?

The best way to do this is to first contact the NWIC team so we can get you in our system.

Once we have confirmed service availability, our team will coordinate an activation date that works for you.

If you’re switching to NWIC from another cable high-speed provider, you will need to contact your current provider and provide them with notice. The process takes 5-10 business days. Your NWIC sales rep will advise you on timing for this.

If you’re switching to NWIC from another technology (eg. DSL to NWIC Cable) we can activate your new service before you cancel your old service.

In all scenarios, we will coordinate with you to avoid any internet down time.

Why is the cost of the Wireless Rural more than Cable High-Speed?

The technology and infrastructure required to provide high-speed services to a rural customer base has a significant capital cost compared to that of Cable. 

It’s a different type of offering so unfortunately we have to charge more to cover our costs and keep this service viable.

NWIC is committed to providing the best service possible so as new technologies become available, we will pass along those benefits to our customer base.


Why should I go with NWIC over the 'Other Guys'?

NWIC is part of your community.

We’re 100% owned and operated in Niagara. We believe that local matters and hope you do as well.

By choosing NWIC, you’re supporting local business and helping to generate more jobs in your community.

At NWIC we’re committed to staying in and supporting Niagara. To learn more, please visit our NWIC Cares page.

Can I use VoIP on your network?


Both our Cable High-Speed and Rural Wireless services support VoIP phone services. Please click here to view NWIC’s VoIP offering.

How is your wireless service different from other providers?

NWIC’s rural wireless high-speed internet utilizes point-to-point transmitters. These send wireless signals directly from our tower to your home receiver, ensuring maximum connectivity with low latency.

Other technologies (eg. Satellite) can sometimes cover more hard to reach areas, however they often cannot provide speeds comparable to NWIC.


Do I need any special equipment to use NWIC?

It’s easy to use NWIC!

Cable Customers – To access our high-speed cable internet service, you will need a cable modem. These are available to rent directly from NWIC (does not include Wi-Fi router)

Wireless Customers – Once installation is complete, you do not need to rent a Modem. You can simply connect to the NWIC receiver and access the web. If you do not have a computer and are only using a device like a tablet, you will need to purchase a wireless router to access Wifi.

Wifi & Routers – In either our cable or wireless service, you will likely want to connect a router. This will split your connection into multiple ports and provide Wifi throughout your home.

*Required cables and coverage area subject to your unique home environment.


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