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Think BIG – Dedicated Wireless Internet

Make the impossible, possible with ‘THINK BIG’.

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Experience up to 1GBps internet or dedicated internet access.

‘Think Big’ utilizes both millimeter and microwave wireless technology, making the impossible, possible.

  • Fast

    Fiber-Fast Speeds

    Experience upload and download speeds that rival fiber internet.

  • Unlimited

    Low Latency

    Our technology has a lower latency than fiber. Perfect for time-sensitive connections.

  • Under 2 Week Turnaround

    Under 2-Week Install

    We get you connected fast and at a much lower investment than our competitors.

  • Rural Availability

    Rural Availability

    With over 2,500 sq km of coverage, you can build your business anywhere in Niagara.


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How BIG can you think?

Our think big clientele include agri-business, manufacturing, hospitality, and technology companies. Each using a unique solution designed exclusively for their needs.

These solutions include accessing up to 1GBps speeds in remote locations, creating redundancies in their existing network, or even creating a private link between two or more facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

What kind of latency does Think BIG Internet have?

While latency can fluctuate, Think Big customers can experience latency as low as 1-2ms.

To learn more, we’ve created an informative article outlining what latency is and how we stack up against other technologies.

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Can NWIC provide redundant Internet Connections?


NWIC can provide multiple connections with automatic failover to create a fully redundant system.

NWIC can also operate as a backup for an existing connection.

Contact our sales team to learn more about Think Big redundant connections.

What is the fastest speed NWIC can provide Enterprise?

NWIC can provide up to 1GBps dedicated service for Enterprise customers.

NWIC’s THINK BIG commercial service offering utilizes both Millimeter and Microwave Wireless Technology.

Does NWIC Support VoIP?


VoIP phone services are supported on Enterprise Packages.

Is NWIC available in my location?

Availability is dependant on your proximity to our towers. 

Contact us today to schedule a FREE site survey to establish service availability.

If service is not directly available, additional options may be available. Inquire today to learn more.

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