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High-Speed Internet for Seasonal Resorts & RV Parks

Provide fast and reliable high-speed internet directly in your seasonal resort or RV park.

  • Internet Tower

    Dedicated Tower in the Park

    On premises internet tower provides flawless connections across the park.

  • RV Home

    Indvidual Connections

    RVs and cottages receive their own private receiver which can be connected to a WiFi router.

  • TV

    Internet & TV

    Site holders can enjoy surf, stream and play all summer with affordable internet and TV.


RV Park

How it Works:

NWIC’s team will work with park ownership on an arrangement that is beneficial to all parties. A typical arrangement includes:

  • Paid land lease (eg. 6’x6′ plot, including electrical access)
  • NWIC-owned freestanding tower (if required) and electrical box
  • Three seasonal high-speed plans available for site-holders (installation included)
  • Two payment options:
    Season’s Pass (May 1 – Oct 31) or Summer Fun Pass (July 1 – Oct 31)
  • High-speed plans can be connected to existing park WiFi systems

With this arrangement, NWIC will have the ability to sell inside the park to site-holders. All payments, service, etc. will be handled by NWIC directly.


Save on Satellite TV Costs with NWIC TV

Seasonal customers can save significant costs on television by switching to NWIC TV’s streaming platform.

  • Available as an add-on to Seasonal Packages
  • TV Channels (Local & Major Networks)
  • Select Radio Stations
  • ‘Favourites’ pre-set menu
  • Support for current generation* Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick/Cube devices
  • Support for multiple devices

To learn more about NWIC TV, please visit our information page.


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