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NWIC Inc. Revolutionizes Communication with Next-Generation Motorola Two-Way Radio Network Launch in Southern Ontario

Posted on February 7th, 2024 in Press Release


NWIC Inc. Revolutionizes Communication with Next-Generation Motorola Two-Way Radio Network Launch in Southern Ontario

Lincoln, Ontario – February 7, 2024 – NWIC Inc. (Niagara Wireless Internet Company) proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking Motorola Two-Way radio network in Southern Ontario, serving the regions of Niagara and Haldimand. This advanced network promises to deliver exceptional communication capabilities, heightened safety features, and the ability to monitor Critical IoT for municipalities, public safety agencies, and a diverse range of commercial clients.

NWIC Inc, headquartered in Lincoln, Ontario, has been steadfast in its mission to bring in the latest connectivity technologies for the Niagara and Haldimand communities. The unveiling of the next-generation Motorola Two-Way radio network reaffirms NWIC Inc’s unwavering commitment to local investment and technological innovation.

CEO Scott Holmes shared his enthusiasm for the launch, stating, “We have remained hyper-focused on introducing cutting-edge connectivity solutions to Niagara and Haldimand, and our continued investment in Two-Way radio technology demonstrates our dedication to supporting our local communities. This network will not only enhance communication but also bolster safety and efficiency across our network.”

Key highlights of NWIC Inc’s next-generation Motorola Two-Way radio network include:

Enhanced Communication: The network offers reliable and seamless communication services, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for businesses, first responders, and local authorities, even in challenging environments.

Increased Safety Capability: NWIC Inc’s state-of-the-art system incorporates safety features such as GPS tracking, emergency alerts, and priority communication channels, providing a heightened level of security for public safety agencies and businesses.

Critical IoT Monitoring: The network is equipped to facilitate the monitoring of Critical Internet of Things (IoT) devices, allowing municipalities and commercial clients to effectively manage and safeguard their critical infrastructure.

Local Investment: NWIC Inc’s commitment to the Niagara and Haldimand regions is evident through significant investments in infrastructure and technology, fostering economic growth and bolstering connectivity for all residents.

As NWIC Inc. continues to lead the charge in technological innovation, the launch of this next-generation Motorola Two-Way radio network sets a new standard for communication and safety in Southern Ontario. With a focus on serving the unique needs of municipalities, public safety organizations, and commercial clients spanning various sectors, NWIC Inc. is poised to make a lasting impact on the region.

For more information on two-way radio please visit or for more information about NWIC Inc. and its transformative services, please visit or reach out to Phil Aymar, Media Relations, at 289-447-5212 or

About NWIC Inc:
NWIC Inc. (Niagara Wireless Internet Company) is a leading technology provider headquartered in Lincoln, Ontario, dedicated to delivering innovative communication solutions to Niagara and Haldimand regions. With a steadfast commitment to local investment and community development, NWIC Inc. continues to expand its services and elevate connectivity in the area. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that create opportunities and enhance connectivity by reimagining technology.

Phil Aymar
Media Relations
NWIC Inc (Niagara Wireless Internet Company)
Phone: 289-447-5212

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