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NWIC expands gigabit wireless deployment for commercial clients across Niagara Region amidst COVID-19 concerns

Posted on May 11th, 2020 in Featured, Press Release, Think Big

Vineland, Ontario (May 11, 2020) – NWIC has completed a significant expansion of its dedicated wireless business solutions across Niagara.

In early 2020 NWIC launched ‘THINK BIG’, a line of dedicated wireless solutions to select areas of rural Niagara. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, NWIC expedited a strategic action plan to upgrade all key infrastructure and procure necessary equipment to service the entire Niagara Region.

With many organizations implementing a work-from-home strategy, staff members are experiencing delays accessing on-premise servers and applications. This is largely due to upload capacity limitations from their existing connection.

Most internet packages reserve 25% (or less) of the connection for upload bandwidth. When staff are at the office, this is not a concern. Yet, with many logging-in remotely, significant delays and timeouts are inevitable.

NWIC is solving this problem by providing businesses with dedicated connectivity of symmetrical connections up to 1GBps.

“We are happy to play a role in enabling businesses In the region to remain productive throughout these challenging times. We expect the need to continue as work from home becomes a new normal. We have a committed team who was able to safely make this upgrade possible and I am thankful for hard work by everyone to bring this online. We will continue strive to provide enterprise internet solutions in under two weeks to even the most rural areas of Niagara.”

– Scott Holmes, CEO

How BIG can you think?

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