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Media Release: NWIC deploys Next Generation Wireless Network across Lincoln’s rural & urban areas

Posted on May 2nd, 2023 in News, Next Generation Wireless, Press Release

Lincoln, ON – (May 2, 2023) – Niagara Wireless Internet Company (NWIC) announced today the completion of their Next Generation Wireless Network infrastructure investment in Lincoln, serving the majority of Beamsville, Vineland and Jordan rural and urban residents. The new broadband technology offered by NWIC will have the ability to match the speed and performance of fibre-to-the-home services.

“Lincoln residents and businesses will soon have greater choice in broadband service and will benefit from greater connectivity in our modern age,” said Town of Lincoln Mayor Sandra Easton. “NWIC’s expanded service demonstrates the confidence we continue to see by investors in our community.”

“Improving broadband service is a top priority for the Town of Lincoln, and through our partnership with NWIC, we are helping community members meet their daily needs,” said the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer Michael Kirkopoulos. “I’m proud of the work staff across all departments have done to facilitate network expansion and ensure residents are getting optimal service delivery from Internet Service Providers.”

The deployment of NWIC’s Next Generation Wireless Network marks a significant milestone in the company’s ongoing commitment to providing fast and reliable internet services to the residents of Lincoln. Next Generation is the fastest fixed wireless technology available in the world today. With speeds over 12 times the CRTC mandate, this technology is faster than cable, DSL, and many fibre-to-the-home plans. This new network has been designed to meet the growing demand for high-speed internet access and provides lightning-fast internet speeds to homes and business across Lincoln, with greater coverage than ever before.

“We are thrilled to announce the completion of the deployment of our Next Generation Wireless Network in Lincoln,” said Scott Holmes, CEO of NWIC. “Providing our local community with the best network possible has always been at the forefront of what drives our company, and we believe this new network will revolutionize the way residents of Lincoln connect to the internet. We are excited to see the positive impact it will have on our community.”

In addition, NWIC has also launched IPTV services, to further allow residents to have more consumer choice in their telecommunications by choosing local. NWIC is proud to serve the Lincoln community and will continue to invest, bringing services to residents now and in the future. With the completion of this new network in Lincoln, NWIC is well-positioned to continue to provide top-quality internet services to customers across the region.

The investment being made by NWIC to deploy their new Next Generation Wireless Network helps puts the Town of Lincoln one step closer to closing the digital divide, while making sure every resident and business is connected to reliable broadband internet in the community, offering more choice for our residents.





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For media inquiries, contact:
Liliana Busnello
Manager of Corporate Communications
Town of Lincoln
Phone: 905-563-2799 ext. 230


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