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Learn how Niagara’s Megalomaniac Winery ‘THINKS BIG’

Posted on January 5th, 2020 in Featured, NWICwins, Think Big


Operating a modern winery in the Niagara region requires a modern internet connection.

Megalomaniac is one of Niagara’s most visited wineries, and for good reason, their wine is excellent. But like most wineries in Niagara, their location is rural and has a challenging time getting reliable, fast internet.

NWIC’s THINK BIG connection makes it possible.

The Problem

Like all businesses, Megalomaniac needed a reliable high-speed internet connection to keep their business operations running smoothly.

They wanted to utilize cloud technology, VoIP telephone systems, and modern POS solutions for payments.

Because of their rural location, there were only a few options available. Most having very high latency which would make it impossible to take advantage of time sensitive technology for payments and phone systems.

Being a popular tourist destination, they also needed a system that could handle spikes in bandwidth at a moments notice.

The Solution

NWIC worked with Megalomanic to get a wireless high-speed internet connection in place that could handle their unique business needs.

A Microwave wireless connection was installed and connected to one of our neighbouring towers (we have over 35 in Niagara!). This provided Megalomaniac Winery with fast, reliable internet that could smoothly run their systems regardless of the time of day or traffic load.

Business Impact

Megalomaniac Winery is able to take advantage of the latest technology regardless of their location, while having peace of mind their high-speed internet connection is reliable and service by a local team.

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