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Greenhouse AI made possible with Think BIG

Posted on January 27th, 2020 in Featured, NWICwins, Think Big

Sunrise Greenhouses Vineland

NWIC makes it possible! Niagara greenhouses are utilizing the latest technology, such as AI, with their Think BIG connection.

Sunrise Greenhouses Ltd. is one of the most progressive growers in the Niagara region. They combine generations of knowledge mixed with leading edge technology to produce results that rival top growers around the globe.

One of their most significant technological advances is the use of artificial intelligence. Their AI powered camera systems capture growth and disease patterns in real-time. Once captured the images are uploaded to the cloud for analysis. (See this in action in our Think BIG video)

Using a service like this not only requires a reliable connection, but also one that is not available out-of-the-box, or in rural Niagara.

NWIC’s Think BIG connections are designed for each customer.

The Problem

Sunrise Greenhouses requires a dedicated internet service to utilize AI technology.

Their location has limited access to traditional internet services, and the available upload speeds were not sufficient to handle the large amount of data being transmitted to the cloud.

The Solution

NWIC worked with Sunrise Greenhouses to implement a dedicated point-to-point wireless high-speed internet connection, with redundancy.

From site-survey to installation date, the entire process took less three weeks (compare at 8-12 months for fibre install!).

Business Impact

Sunrise Greenhouses were able to automate their facility and implement new technology on-going. This created efficiencies in their business allowing them to allocate and funds to other areas of their business.

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