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Speed, Security and Redundancy made NWIC the perfect choice

Posted on January 8th, 2020 in Featured, NWICwins, Think Big

Think Big Cannabis Client

NWIC’s THINK BIG enterprise solution is the perfect match for a local cannabis facility needing to manage their high-speed internet connection.

Dedicated high-speed helps cannabis facility stay connected

The Problem

The Niagara-based cannabis producer required dedicated and reliable high-speed internet access. They not only needed to get online, but also at speeds higher than other providers in the area were capable of.

Security and connection redundancy were also a major concern due to the nature of this business.

Based on their requirements, there were only a couple options available. One option required a significant capital investment and months of waiting, and the other solution was NWIC.

The choice was simple.

Our Solution

After a full needs analysis, NWIC was able to provide both a primary and secondary connection that both met and exceeded the expectations of this client.

The primary connection utilized a THINK BIG Microwave wireless connection, enabling accelerated upload and download speeds while the secondary (back-up) connection utilized a NWIC for Work high-speed internet connection.

The complete solution was in place in under two weeks from approved agreement.

Business Impact

The cannabis facility was able to get online fast and utilize cloud technology, connect to other facilities, and have peace of mind their operation is meeting security compliance.

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