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Seasonal Reconnect Checklist

Welcome Back!

We wanted to thank you for choosing us to be your internet provider for the upcoming season.

Below is a checklist to help you get reconnected when you open your seasonal home.

Getting Reconnected

1. Locate the NWIC Power Supply (POE)

Check to see if there is a Green/Blue light next to the ON indictor. If this light is not on, please check the power outlet.

POE powered on

2. Check the cables

A coloured ethernet cable (often yellow) needs to connect to the port marked IN (TO ROUTER). The black, outdoor cable needs to connect to the port marked OUT (TO ANTENNA).

Lastly, connect the power adaptor and plug this cable into an electrical outlet.

POE Cables

3. Turn on your Wi-Fi

Locate and power on your wireless router. Ensure that the coloured ethernet cable coming from the port marked IN (on the power supply) is connected to the proper port on the router. The port on the router could be labeled “WAN” “INTERNET” or has globe icon indicator. HINT – sometimes these ports are marked yellow.

Common FAQs

How can I connect my phone to the Wi-Fi?

  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on so your phone will connect to the network.
  • From your home screen, go to settings and select Wi-Fi. The available networks will be prompted.
  • Tap on your routers network (SSID) and look for a blue checkmark.
  • Users might need to enter in the password and agree to the terms and conditions. For Android users, under “wireless and network” make sure you follow the same instructions and connect to the correct network.

What if I can’t locate my NWIC power supply?

Please call 1-877-654-6942 or email and one of our technicians will drop off a new power supply.

Do I need to pay a reconnection fee?

There is no reconnection fee! Simply give us a call and we will turn on your service.

What are your internet packages and is it unlimited?

We’re 100 percent unlimited! Feel free to check out our plans here or call 1-877-654-6942 to speak with a sales representative.

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