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Always On

Hybrid Microwave & Fiber Optic Network

Extreme weather such as storms, wind, or blizzards
won’t stop you from accessing the web.

Do you have a resilient internet and connectivity strategy? Can you afford not to?

A resilient internet strategy needs more than just fiber and copper lines to bring real continuity.

    Fiber and copper lines are a single point of failure.

    Even a protected circuit is vulnerable to outages and costly downtime.

    As a fiber customer ourselves we have endured incomprehensible related outages resulting in the need to engineer a more robust and resilient offering.

    NWIC has engineered a large hybrid microwave and fiber optic network that provides the best diversification and protection against outages and downtime.

    We call our solution “Always ON” because we know there is never a good time for critical access to be offline.

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    We first reviewed the root causes of all the major service interruptions related to fiber and copper networks so that we could develop a solution resilient to these primary factors.

    NWIC’s “Always ON” provides a real alternative and solutions to delivering continuity that’s fast and reliable.


    • 100% Uptime

      100% Uptime SLA & Scalable

      True peace of mind for your business along with options to scale up to 10Gbps on a single circuit.

    • Diversification

      Tech & Geo Diversification

      Connections can terminate a 100kms away in a few hops, making the impossible - possible.

    • Fixed Wireless

      Fixed Wireless Technologies

      Our wireless solutions are complementary to fiber and other broadband technologies making implementation easy.

    • Monitoring

      Real-time, pro-active monitoring and remediation

      All services are monitored 24/7 and in the event of a disruption teams are on standby as required.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Browse answers to some of our most frequently asked questions below.

    I currently have fiber, should I cancel my service and just get Always ON?

    A proper continuity strategy will incorporate carrier diversity in addition to a protected circuit. NWIC can be utilized primarily or as a hot-standby to your current connectivity but should be used in conjunction with a secondary offering from a separate carrier.

    I have heard wireless will drop out in the rain, is that true?

    NWIC utilizes licensed spectrum as well as lower frequency spectrum and engineers link paths based on 100-year weather reports to ensure we can withstand challenges with rain.

    I don’t have a need for very high speed, but I need ultra-reliability, is Always On right for me?

    NWIC can provide ultra-reliability for utility, scada and other customers without the requirement to deliver 100’s of megabits of bandwidth.

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